5 Benefits of Employee Transport Management Software

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You know that giving your employees free rides to and from work will lead to inefficiency. Most of the time, these have to do with transportation services, ride payment, employee safety, and following the rules.

This is especially true if your company has a transport automation system that helps employees get to and from work by hand. The management doesn’t know how well their transportation budget is being used because they don’t know about this isolated practice.

With a manual transportation desk, an employee can’t set up rides to the office whenever they need them. Any official travel request has to go through their travel desk, which slows things down and adds stress.

This makes it hard for them to get back to work, which could make them less productive.

If you don’t use employee transport automation to plan and improve your employees’ commute experiences, you risk their safety and happiness.

This is why implementing employee transport management software makes sense.

Top 5 Benefits of Implementing an Employee Transport Management Software

1. Employee Transport Management Software Boosts Cost Efficiency

Using pen and paper for old transportation management systems leads to overcharging at many levels of operation. Organizing and improving employees’ transport solutions will make them safer and happier.

In this case, an employee’s ride bill is roughly based on distance, not on how long it took or where the traffic was. Since fuel mileage is different during peak and off-peak hours, the cost per ride should be very different.

None of this takes place with a legacy system at play. Additionally, employee transport management software automates billing and calculates the actual distance and time traveled per ride.

The company is then billed based on a complete set of parameters, including total distance logged, fuel efficiency vs traffic, route planning etc. This results in substantial savings in the employee transport management system .

2. Employee Transport Management Software Allows Hybrid Work Environment

An employee transport management software lets your employees use the office fleet how they use Uber – as and when needed. A robust employee transport management software has self-scheduling and bulk scheduling features.

The first one lets employees use the app’s interface to plan trip details. The second one lets team leaders and managers book rooms for their team members as a group.

It doesn’t matter if the company shuttles and cars are full or empty. Employers have more freedom with the software than if they had to run multiple cars and shuttles everywhere every day.

3. Employee Transport Management Software Ensures Employee Safety and Satisfaction

The employee transport management software has features like live tracking, panic button, geofencing, and several emergencies. Some are user-friendly mobile apps that even include dedicated security dashboards with unique alerts for overspeeding, women traveling alone, geofence violations, SOS, and much more.

With the help of employee transport management software, your admin can surveil all employee commutes at all hours of the day hassle free. It lets managers and employees see if the driver suddenly takes an unallotted route or stops unscheduled.

They can also tell someone right away to help them get in touch within minutes. This makes employees feel safer and more satisfied. They don’t have to worry about their safety or try to bargain with the driver, so they can get more done.

4. Employee Transport Management Software Keeps You Informed

An employee transport management software gives you a 360-degree view of your staff’s everyday logistics by generating custom reports. Through them, you can study parameters such as On time Arrivals, seat utility, driver hours of service, vendor quality, drop points and locations etc.

You or your transport manager must keep an eye on these key metrics to make sure that employees can get to and from work without any problems. It can also help them figure out ways to save money or add more routes or pick-up points or cut costs.

5. Employee Transport Management Software Helps with Employee Retention

Many employees’ dream is to have an easy way to get to work from their preferred pick-up points. Top employees at different companies think that free, comfortable, and safe commutes are a perk that makes it worth staying home for real time.

This also helps employers in a different way. Employees will miss fewer days of work, and they will also be more likely to stay with the company.

Time to Switch to an Employee Transport Management Software

To route and manage employee commutes, you need to switch to a safer and more cost effective solution. Try MoveInSync’s employee transport management software.

It offers features like GPS tracking, self or bulk scheduling, automated routing, billing, reporting, and more. Schedule a demo today!

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