Anil Agarwal, the CEO of Vedanta, met Ryan Reynolds. They discussed…

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During their conversation, Ryan Reynolds exhibited a sincere interest in Vedanta’s Nand Ghar programme as well as a great love for child welfare efforts. 

Ryan Reynolds and Vedanta Resources founder and CEO Anil Agarwal recently had a meeting. Reynolds, according to Agarwal, showed a strong interest in learning more about Vedanta’s flagship programme, “Nand Ghar,” which directly benefits women and children. The industrialist said that after meeting the celebrity, he discovered that their moral principles are identical.

“I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Reynolds, everyone’s favourite superhero. Who is Ryan Reynolds, exactly? Who hasn’t heard of Ryan Reynolds? He has received a lot of praise for being one of the kindest people.

When I first met him, I realised how similar our moral principles are, Agarwal tweeted alongside a picture of himself with Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds exhibited a sincere interest in Vedanta’s Nand Ghar scheme and highlighted his strong commitment for child welfare efforts during their talk. Agarwal used the occasion to talk about his personal struggle with hunger as a child and his goal of making sure that no child in India goes to bed hungry.

Ryan was pleased to learn that we had created a millet nutribar that was the first of its type, well-researched, and intended to battle malnourishment and offer kids a nice, healthful supplement.

The development of Agarwal’s worldwide diversified corporation in Mumbai from his modest beginnings in Bihar has been well-documented in recent years. With more than 65,000 people, the international natural resources company Vedanta conducts business in India, Africa, Ireland, and Australia.

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