Argentina wildfire : Forest fires in Argentina  create an apocalyptic conflagration on the edge of a city 

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Argentina wildfire : Fires that swept through populated parts of Argentina, sparking apocalyptic scenes  on social media that sparked international concern, were largely brought under control on Wednesday, officials said. But the country remained in “extreme” Palovaara in dry and windy conditions. Read the article written below to find out more about Argentina wildfire.

Firefighters fought up to six forest fires in the  province of Córdoba in central Argentina, from which dozens of people were evacuated,  the Associated Press reports. Pictures and videos posted on social media showed flames and black smoke approaching urban areas outside Villa Carlos Paz, a resort town west of  Córdoba.  

As of 1:30 p.m. local time on Wednesday, the country’s climate risk management, disaster and conservation minister said all fires were under control as cooler weather arrived from the south. “We have no active fires in the province now,” said Secretary Claudio Vignetta. 

Although the situation was brought under control, firefighters  were still actively fighting a fire that had flared up in hot spots, including  the Tulumba district in northern Córdoba, provincial officials said on  social media platform X. Two planes dropped water on the fire,  officials said. 

According to the authorities of Córdoba, tens of hectares  burned,  some houses were damaged, but  no one was injured. 

The wildfires ignited in unseasonably hot, dry and windy weather, with temperatures in the 90s and winds reaching over 35 km/h at times. Normal high temperatures for October in Córdoba are in the 70s. According to the South American Drought Information System, drought indicators are at “extreme” levels around the city of Córdoba. 

The province of Córdoba  is one of the most prone to forest fires in the world, Governor Juan Schiaretti said. He called on residents to follow the instructions of firefighters and civil protection agencies and ensure that forest fires do not start. According to authorities in Córdoba, people start 99 percent of the area’s fires. The AP reports that a 27-year-old man was arrested in  Punilla province, accused of starting a fire there after his bonfire got out of control. 

“I hope  the full weight of the law is brought to justice,” Schiaretti said. 

At the same time, climatic conditions are setting the stage for an active fire season across South America. 

The continent had its warmest start  on record, according to an analysis of global conditions released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  in August. According to the report, drought is spread across the continent, except for southern Argentina, eastern Brazil and northern countries. 

Climate change has made a September heatwave “at least 100 times” more likely in southern Brazil, eastern Bolivia, Paraguay and northeastern Argentina, a study released Tuesday found. In parts of Brazil, temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere rose above 104 degrees Fahrenheit  during late winter and early spring.

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