Cancer Treatment: Cancer medicine has come? Scientists believed – this would help in targeting cancer cells.

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Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, millions of people die every year due to cancer. Health experts say, in most cases, the main reason for cancer taking a serious form is that it is not diagnosed on time. The treatment of cancer is still very difficult, although special efforts are being made in this direction so that the lives of patients can be saved.

Experts have revealed in a study that a drug for cancer may help target and destroy cancer cells without causing any harm to healthy cells.

The team of researchers says that this drug may have better results, animal and laboratory experiments have found that this drug can be quite effective in the treatment of cancer. Health experts say that at present no side effects have been seen in the tests. It can also stop the growth cycle of cancer cells which means that better results can be seen in the prevention of cancer.

Drug that destroys cancer cells: 

According to the findings of the study published in the journal Cell Chemical Biology, in addition to destroying cancer cells and preventing them from growing, experimental reports of this drug suggest that this drug can help increase the effectiveness of cancer treatments. Right now this drug has been tested only on rats and dogs, its research on humans is pending.

So far, researchers have found that the drug may be beneficial in reducing the risk of about 70 types of cancer, including breast cancer, small-cell lung cancer and a cancer that begins in nerve cells called neuroblastoma.

Better results seen in animal studies:

Professor at California Cancer Center City of Hope and lead author of the study says, “We found in the study that the results of animal studies are quite promising.” However, more clinical studies are needed in the future to determine its efficacy for cancer treatment. 

Research is being done on humans:

The team of researchers said that its research is being done on humans, in which the dose of the drug and its side effects will be investigated, it is expected to run for two years.

The first tablet of the drug (AOH1996) was administered to a patient during the trial in October 2022. Health experts say that further trials are being conducted to understand the effectiveness of this cancer drug. We hope to see better results in humans as in animals.

Cancer treatment can be easy:

Significantly, the process of conventional chemotherapy given to treat cancer and destroy cancer cells is very difficult. Cancer can be easily treated with the help of this medicine. The team of scientists hope that this drug can be of particular benefit in effectively preventing the development of cancer and its treatment.

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