Corona Par Syahi Ki Gawahi

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Title Of The Book : “Corona Par Syahi Ki Gawahi”

Language : Hindi

Genre : Poetry

Author : Harsh Sharma

Publisher : Writersgram

Published on : 31 August 2022

About The Author :  Harsh Sharma The person behind all of this is a man from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, who is currently pursuing his passion for poetry writing in addition to being an ex-national player and a current medical student.

Plot : Let’s now turn our attention to the book’s plot. This book has 30 poems, making it a perfect treat for poetry fans, I suppose! If you look closely, you will see that each poem is organised according to how covid has developed in India or other nations. To be completely honest, I can’t say if it was the author’s cunning strategy or simply God’s grace. To the readers, that sequence appears to be quite catchy. Now, read these poems that begin with “Dastak ” The book’s opening poem   has between 18 and 20 lines, and its sole purpose is to try to convey to readers how the situation might appear to a middle-class man The author of this poem also discussed The Tongue War between Super Power America and The Mighty China while the covid was not in India, yet it is true that the presence of the covid could be felt by the movement and rush throughout India. You can locate the second poem in this book, “Janta Curfew” as you continue reading. Now that we’ve discussed the Prime Minister’s plea for all Indians to remain at home for just one day on March 22, 2020, let’s move on to poem number three, ” Lockdown ka Udghosh” This one concerns the announcement of the first lockdown in India, the mental and physical conditions of those involved, and how those people were actually affected looking to survive this and how they are putting themselves in a position for the impending, potentially far more lethal, future. Well, if I continue to give away details about the book, how will you read it? Because, in my opinion, if ten people read the same poetry, they would each find ten distinct versions of it. That is the beauty of this art. Now, let’s talk about the final poem in the book. In this passage, the author discusses how everyone is impatiently waiting for things to return to normal. The storyline of “Corona Par Syahi Ki Gawahi”is summarised in that.

My favourite lines from the book

•Tyohaar pr aaj ye dil ho gaya ruansa hai,

•Ye jaane kaunsi bedi ne humein yun faansa hai ,

•Ab baazo main na raha pehle sa rang hai,

•Is baar tyoharon mein apna na koi sang hai ( from poem no.11 tyohaar)

•aaj nange paon pedal ghar jaane ko nikla majdoor hai ,

•lakho ke mahal banane wala aaj halat se majboor hai ,

• Wo janta hai ki uski manzil meelon-koshom dur hai,

• Lekin man mein usne thaana hai ki jaana to zaroor hai , (from poem no. 12- majdoor hai majboor)

• aarop – pratyarop ke beech ye kaisi hui rajneeti hai,

• Ankdon ka jhol mere prashasan ye kaisi Kuneeti hai

(from poem no. 17- Rajneeti Ki Kuneeti) )

•har taraf bas mach rahi cheekh-pukaar hai ,

•Har nazar ko aaj madad ki talaash hai,

•Majdoor ne nange paon sadkon ko maapa hai,

•Phir bhi neend se na prashasan jaaga hai,

•Aarop pratyarop ka wahi raag purana hai,

•Ghar me nazarband phir saara jamana hai

(from poem no. 24- Bhanwar )

Review : To be completely honest, I’m not a big fan of poetry in general, but for some reason I was able to keep this book in my hands and finish reading it. I’m not a fan of die heart poems, and aside from that, I sometimes feel that the author is just too direct on some topics. He didn’t even hesitate to talk about the Government’s loophole in handling covid, and I don’t think so he didn’t. As for ratings, I’m going to give it 4.2 stars out of 5. In terms of recommendations, I will only suggest this book to readers of this article. Simply tap the link to find this book on Amazon. You can also find it on Google Play Books by searching for it there.

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