Cricket Olympics 2028 : Cricket  included in  2028 Los Angeles Olympics  Report 

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Cricket Olympics 2028 : According to a Guardian report, the sport will be included in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics in a pretty big development that will be music to  the ears of cricket lovers. To know more about the format in which cricket is included in Olympics 2028 Read the report written below to know all the information about inclusion of cricket Olympics 2028 .

The LA organising committee’s decision will be formally announced after the 141st session of the International Olympic Committee in Mumbai on Sunday, the report added. 

Cricket was previously played at the 1900 Olympics  when England played France in a  match to decide the gold medal. According to a report, LA will host a men’s and women’s T20 tournament in 2028 like  the recently concluded Asian Games. 

In an earlier report by  Indian Express, former IOC head of marketing and broadcasting rights Michael Payne,  who knows its inner workings after  nearly two decades there, said  cricket remains the favourite to sleep. Payne  cited “the current cricket boom” in the United States, where some of the biggest technology companies have invested in the Premier League.  Payne said the upside for cricket is that the 2032 Olympics will be held in Australia, where cricket is a major sport. 

“The 2032 Games will be held in Brisbane, Australia… there is local interest in cricket… And also from a business perspective, cricket is booming in America. The Los Angeles (organizing) committee is headed by a gentleman named Casey. Wasserman, who is a very successful business executive and owns one of the  largest sports media companies in the world. He saw the potential in cricket,” he said. And then Payne added that the IOC had a greater interest in  tapping into the subcontinent’s huge market of cricket-loving fans in India and South Asia.

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