Delhi Airport : A major accident was averted at Delhi airport the Vistara plane was released, another plane was about to land 

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Delhi Airport : At Delhi Airport a major accident was prevented on Wednesday Morning.One Vistara Airlines plane was cleared to take off while another landed.

A major accident was averted at the Delhi airport on Wednesday morning. One Vistara Airlines plane was cleared to take off while another landed. The flight was cancelled according to ATC instructions. 

According to information, UK 725 was flying from Delhi to Bagdogra from the newly opened runway. The Vistara flight from Ahmedabad to Delhi also moved towards the end of the runway after landing on a parallel runway. Both were cleared at the same time, but ATC immediately took control. The ATC (Air Traffic Control)  on duty immediately asked the Vistara flight to cancel the flight.

If the flight had not been stopped in time, according to the airport authorities, a serious accident could have occurred. According to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), no movement of aircraft or vehicles is allowed during  take-off and landing.  

Sources said that when the pilot of the  flight to Bagdogra announced that the plane would not take off due to air traffic control instructions, the passengers got a little scared. Captain Amit Singh, senior pilot and founder of Safety Matters Foundation, said flight operations from closely spaced runways require better inspection and strict adherence to SOPs to avoid possible collisions due to the proximity of the runways.

He said that normally a plane on one runway is not allowed to take off until the plane lands on the other runway. 

However, if an aircraft is allowed to take off from one runway due to some error and an aircraft arriving on the other runway decides to abort the landing and go around to continue the climb, the flight paths of both  aircraft will enter. He said there would be a mid-air collision because the runway they are attached to is very close.

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