Digibharat Fintech Limited Launches 5 Innovative Apps with Bollywood Actor Javed Hayder as Chief Guest

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Lucknow, September 5, 2023 – In a grand event held at Vishwanat Hall, Lucknow, Digibharat Fintech Limited marked its official launch, setting ambitious goals to revolutionize India’s digital landscape. The event witnessed the presence of esteemed guests, with renowned film actor Javed Hayder gracing the occasion as the chief guest.

Digibharat Fintech Limited unveiled a suite of five innovative apps designed to bridge the gap between urban and rural India, offering equal working and earning opportunities to individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds. These apps, namely Cashpe, LEGEND-11 Fantasy App, Show-TV, Edusprout, Zitto Food Delivery, and Heybike, promise to bring a plethora of benefits under one digital roof, including cashbacks, free entertainment, and quality education.

Leadership and Vision

At the helm of Digibharat Fintech Limited, Dr. Shasankh Giri leads as a board member, alongside Anupam Saxena, the CMD of Cashpe, Sonu Singh, the CEO of LEGEND-11 Fantasy Cricket App, and Jyoti Singh, the CEO of Cashpe. Pawan Kumar takes the role of COO at Zitto Food Delivery App.

During the launch event, Dr. Shasankh Giri elaborated on the functionality of these revolutionary apps, emphasizing their potential to transform the lives of millions of Indians. The subsequent speeches by Jyoti Singh, Anupam Saxena, and Sonu Singh were filled with motivation and hope, underlining the company’s commitment to creating a positive impact on society

Recognizing Excellence

Digibharat Fintech Limited believes in rewarding excellence and hard work. To acknowledge the dedication of its employees, the company presented various awards during the event. Some notable gifts included a mobile phone for Pawan Kumar, a music speaker for Sonu Singh, and an air fryer for Jyoti Singh, among many others.

Javed Hayder’s Wishes

The event culminated with an address by the chief guest, Javed Hayder, who extended his heartfelt wishes to the newly launched company. His presence added a touch of glamour to the event and underscored the significance of Digibharat Fintech Limited’s mission.

With the launch of these innovative apps and a visionary leadership team, Digibharat Fintech Limited is poised to make a significant impact on India’s digital landscape. By providing diverse opportunities and essential services through its apps, the company aims to usher in a new era of financial inclusion and digital empowerment for all citizens, regardless of their socio-economic background.

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