G20 Summit 2023: Delhi Updates Tomorrow is a public holiday in Delhi  work from home  Gurugram. 

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G20 Summit 2023: The G20 Summit is one of the most important international events that New Delhi has hosted over the years. 

G20 Summit 2023: India is all set to host the G20 Summit in New Delhi from 9-10. September  The Summit will be held at the state-of-the-art Bharat Mandapam Conference Center in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Several powerful world leaders will descend on Delhi  for three days on Friday and discuss various topics such as economy, environment, infrastructure, sustainability, etc. Meanwhile, the authorities took several measures to ease  traffic in the city and  ordered the closure of schools, colleges and offices in the city for three days. In addition, Delhi is decorated with murals, statues, fountains and plants on the streets  where  world leaders pass. 

G20 Summit 2023: “We are very happy that he is coming to India,” PM Sunak’s relative. 

Dr. Gautam Dev Sood, a relative of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, expresses his joy over the Prime Minister’s visit to India. 

He says, “… We are very happy that Sunak is coming to India. We have a lot of excitement that we will try to get together in Delhi if we can meet him…” 

G20 Summit 2023: Indian Army sent its emergency medical team 

Ahead of the G20 summit, the Indian Army  deployed its emergency response team, including teams of doctors and paramedics, to four hospitals in Delhi, including AIIMS, Safdarjung, Ram Manohar Lohia and Army Research and Mission Hospital. The fully equipped crews are also supported by a special corps of engineers to deal with any eventuality. Military RR Hospital: Defense officials have also been alerted. 

G20 Summit 2023: Delhi Police Monitors Preparedness . 

 “The Delhi Police is monitoring the preparedness in the G20 summit. Meanwhile, there is a strong, adequate, strategic deployment (of forces) in Delhi to ensure that the law and order situation is smooth and that peace and harmony prevail.” says Dependra Pathak, Special Commissioner (Law and Order). Delhi Police.  

G20 Summit 2023: Delhi Chamber of Commerce and Industry hires 100 women entrepreneurs as interpreters 

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTI) has hired 100 women entrepreneurs as interpreters to help businessmen in Delhi  communicate with foreign visitors from G20 countries, CTI president Brijesh Goyal said. He asserted that these women speak English, French, Spanish, German, etc., with ease. 

The 100 female business owners are fluent in English and several other languages.

 They were assigned by CTI  to communicate and assist businessmen with foreign language translation during the G20 summit. On behalf of CTI, they offer free services to businessmen and businesspeople from 8 to 10 a.m. in September,” Goyal said.  He said that the list of names of these women was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  These women entrepreneurs know the Delhi market well. Some of them are makeup artists, fashion designers, influencers, bloggers, salon owners, shop owners etc Goyal said. 

G20 Summit 2023: “One Country, One Family, One Future” Is the Ideal Theme, According to the Prime Minister of Mauritius.

Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth praised India’s G20 presidency and said  the summit could not be better than ‘One Country, One Family and One Future’, which translates to ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. 

He also thanked India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for inviting Mauritius as a host country for the G20 summit and confirmed his participation in the summit. According to Jugnauth, who spoke exclusively with ANI, “I have to thank the Government of India, notably Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for inviting Mauritius to serve as the host nation for the G20 meeting. It is a great honour and privilege for Mauritius to participate. We have been participating throughout the year and we will participate in this summit. It is considered a very critical phase. , because we faced the pandemic of COVID-19. We were in a situation where the whole world was on its knees . Moreover, the Ukrainian conflict is  now making matters worse. We are also seeing the effects of climate change. 

“So with a summit like this, it’s important that all  countries  sit  and see how we can recover. I think we have to be flexible, we have to review our policies so that we can learn from these events,” he added. 

G20 Summit 2023: Gurugram offices, private institution asks employees to work from home tomorrow.  

As Delhi prepares to host the G20 summit on September 9 and 10, the Gurugram district administration on Thursday issued an advisory asking all offices to ask their employees to work from home on September 8.

The warning reads, “All commercial offices and private establishments in the borough are advised to direct their staff to homework tomorrow, September 8, 2023.” 

G20 Summit 2023: What world leaders will discuss during the mega event 

The 2023 G20 Summit  in Delhi will include discussions on a wide range of topics reflecting the evolving global landscape and India’s specific focus areas.  

The G20, also known as the Group of Twenty, is a forum consisting of 19  countries and the European Union. These member states are the main players in the world economy and together they produce 85 percent of the world’s economic output and participate in 75 percent of world trade. The G20 countries account for approximately two-thirds of the world’s total population.

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