Guwahati : A man booked a Mumbai-Guwahati IndiGo flight  for a groping female passenger 

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Guwahati : An IndiGo passenger was handed over to the police for alleged sexual harassment on a Guwahati-bound flight. 

A man has been arrested for sexually harassing a female passenger on a Mumbai-Guwahati Indigo flight. He travelled to Guwahati by a low-cost airline. He was handed over to Guwahati police after landing at his destination, the airline said on Monday. 

The complainant has registered an FIR with the local police and the airline will assist in the investigation as required, IndiGo said in a statement. Apart from the statement, IndiGo did not share any specific details about the incident. 

“A passenger traveling on (IndiGo flight) 6E-5319 between Mumbai and Guwahati was handed over to the Guwahati police on arrival after receiving a complaint from another passenger about alleged sexual harassment,” the airline said. 

The complainant has filed an FIR with the local police and “if necessary, we will assist in their investigation,” IndiGo added in a statement.  

The sex offender sat down next to the woman and started touching her as soon as the  lights in the living room dimmed, the Times of India reported. The woman fell asleep after lowering the armrest. She soon awoke to find the armrest up and a male passenger crouched next to her. 

He ignored it and lowered the armrest again. He continued to sleep and woke up again after being illegally touched by a passenger. Instead of screaming, she gave him the  benefit of the doubt because her eyes were closed. 

She waited feigning sleep and soon found herself groped and inappropriately touched by the passenger. He didn’t wait any longer and pulled her hand away and started screaming. Then, he turned on the lights and called the cabin crew for help. The man was arrested and handed over to the Guwahati police after the flight landed at citylsso Re.

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