How to use Facebook Meta Blue tick subscription in 2023

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In October 2021, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) announced that it would begin offering a paid blue verification tick on Facebook and Instagram. Here are the details:

  • The blue verification tick is a symbol that appears next to the name of an account on Facebook or Instagram, indicating that the account is authentic and belongs to a public figure, celebrity, or brand. It is a way for users to know that they are interacting with the genuine account of the person or entity they intend to connect with.
  • In the past, getting a blue verification tick was a free process, but now Meta is offering it as a paid service. This means that users who want to have the blue verification tick on their account will have to pay for it. The exact cost of the service has not been disclosed, but it is expected to be a one-time fee.
  • According to Meta, the decision to offer the blue verification tick as a paid service is to give users more control over their online presence and to prevent impersonation or misuse of accounts. It will also help to ensure that verified accounts are genuine and are not used to spread misinformation or engage in harmful behavior.
  • The paid verification service is expected to roll out in phases, starting with accounts that have a high likelihood of being impersonated. This includes accounts of public figures, celebrities, and brands. Other accounts may be eligible for verification in the future, but there is no timeline for when this will happen.
  • To apply for the blue verification tick, users will need to meet certain criteria, including having a complete profile, a bio, and a profile picture. They will also need to submit identification documents to prove their identity.

It is worth noting that the blue verification tick is not the same as the recently introduced “Creator” accounts on Instagram, which are aimed at content creators and influencers. Creator accounts are free and offer additional features to help creators manage their accounts and connect with their audience.

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