Huawei Mate 60 Pro : Why the Huawei Mate 60 Pro could be the most important smartphone release of 2023 

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 Huawei Mate 60 Pro : The absence of such key details has led to speculation about the device’s connectivity capabilities. There could be two different reasons why Huawei chose to leave out the details 

 •The specifications of Mate 60 Pro do not specify the processor or  modem. 

 •Many local reviewers claimed that the phone managed to reach 5G speeds . 

 •One possibility is that Huawei managed to get 5G chips for its phones despite US sanctions . 

Chinese tech giant Huawei quietly introduced the Mate 60 Pro to the Chinese market earlier this week. At first, the Mate 60 Pro looks like  any other Chinese phone with some of the latest advancements. But things get interesting when you  look at the specs. Notably, the released technical information lacks processor and network support information for the device, leaving consumers and industry observers wondering about the device’s true capabilities. Many local reviewers claimed that the phone managed to achieve 5G speeds.  

The absence of such key details has led to speculations about the device’s connectivity options. There could be two different reasons why Huawei decided to leave out the details. According to Radio Free Mobile, the omission of details may be an attempt to hide the phone’s lack of 5G connectivity. With Huawei facing sanctions and restrictions, it has been suspected that the company may have relied on domestic semiconductors, perhaps Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation of China (SMIC), to create a competitive device. However, these semiconductor companies use  older chip architectures that affect performance and battery life. 

Another possibility is that Huawei has managed to get a 5G chipset for its phone, but is not yet revealing details. If so, Huawei has managed to avoid US sanctions that prevented popular American chipmakers from supplying chipsets to the Chinese brand. 

Some Chinese publications, such as Huawei Central, have confirmed that the Mate 60 Pro will use the Kirin 9000s chip, but the modem situation remains uncertain. 

In light of Huawei’s recent challenges due to US restrictions, the launch of the Mate 60 Pro is important. The  potential self-sufficiency of the smartphone in terms of chipset is a milestone for China and Huawei. If true, Huawei could overcome geopolitical challenges by building its own 5G chipset supply chain. It could also mean that US sanctions against Huawei will not benefit the West in the long run. The real implications of the Mate 60 Pro launch could go far beyond  just smartphones.

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