In the First Board Meeting of the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation: Mayor Announces Strict Action Against Encroachers

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In the first board meeting of the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, Mayor Sunita Dayal delivered a powerful message against encroachers. She declared that individuals involved in encroachments would face imprisonment, signaling the administration’s unwavering commitment to eradicating corruption from the Municipal Corporation. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the board meeting, including the election of the executive committee and the Mayor’s strong stance against corruption and unauthorized encroachments.

1. Mayor Sunita Dayal’s Stand Against Encroachers

Mayor Sunita Dayal took a firm stance against encroachers during the inaugural board meeting. She emphasized the need to maintain the integrity of the Municipal Corporation and announced stringent action against those engaged in illegal encroachments. The Mayor’s resolute declaration underscores the commitment to creating a corruption-free environment within the municipality.

2. Unanimous Election of the Executive Committee

The board meeting witnessed the election of the executive committee members, with all 12 positions filled without any opposition. Thirteen councilors had initially filed nominations for the vacancies. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fielded ten councilors, aiming for an uncontested election. However, to ensure transparency, the nomination paper of councilor Dheeraj Agarwal from Ward 81 was withdrawn at the last moment, leading to an uncontested election. The committee comprises nine BJP councilors, one from the Congress, one from the Samajwadi Party (SP), and an independent candidate.

3. Mayor’s Commitment to Transparent Elections

Mayor Sunita Dayal expressed her commitment to conducting transparent and impartial elections for the executive committee. She acknowledged the prevalence of attempts to buy votes and emphasized the need to counter such practices. To maintain the integrity of the electoral process, the Mayor ensured the removal of their own candidate from the election, paving the way for an uncontested election. This decision serves as a testament to the Municipal Corporation’s dedication to upholding democratic principles.

4. Zero Tolerance for Corruption

Mayor Sunita Dayal made it unequivocally clear that corruption would not be tolerated within the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation. In response to a question from the media, she addressed concerns regarding exorbitant rents paid by ineligible individuals for commercial shops. The Mayor pledged to investigate such cases, emphasizing the need to rectify any discrepancies. Additionally, she highlighted the issue of construction work and payments to contractors favored by councilors, assuring that the matter would be raised in the council. The Municipal Corporation stands firm on ensuring compliance with its regulations and will not tolerate any negligence.

5. List of Executive Committee Members

The executive committee of the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation comprises the following councilors:

  • Praveen Kumar
  • Manoj Tyagi
  • Rajkumar Bhati
  • Gaurav Solanki
  • Rajiv Sharma
  • Ramnivas Bansal
  • Yashpal Pehalwan
  • Rekha Goswami
  • Sheetal Deol
  • Ajay Sharma (Congress)
  • Adil Malik (Samajwadi Party)
  • Dhirendra Yadav (Independent)

The diverse representation from multiple political parties demonstrates a collective effort to govern the Municipal Corporation effectively.

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