ISRO Chandrayaan : Vineet Singh Hukmani releases his first Hindi song Chandrayaan 3 to celebrate ISRO 

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ISRO Chandrayaan : Hukmani says his song ISRO: India Ka Asli Hero aims to capture the collective respect and pride  every Indian feels for ISRO scientists. 

 Ever since ISRO successfully completed the Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission  and landed another plume on the Earth’s cap at the Moon’s south pole, the celebration has not stopped. And singer-songwriter Vineet Singh Hukmani gifted music lovers with a new song to mark the occasion. The artist says he was “filled with inspiration and pride  watching  Chandrayaan 3 land on the moon and then the launch of the Aditya L1 mission” and that he decided to pay  tribute to “our real heroes at ISRO” by creating something to celebrate. achievement 

 Watching it on my TV screen, I felt the collective celebration and admiration of every Indian for ISRO. I didn’t sleep that night because I was so excited, and the next morning I knew I had to create something to celebrate this once in a lifetime event. My song ISRO: India Ka Asli Hero tries to capture the collective respect and pride that every Indian feels for our ISRO scientists and their remarkable achievements. All this as a solemnly cool and happy expression of patriotism,» he says. 

 Although he holds the record for being the first artist in the world to have nine singles reach  number one  on the highly coveted European Independent Top 100  charts, this is his first song in Hindi. Hukmani shares, “I was completely overwhelmed by  my emotions when ISRO achieved what it did. For the first time in my life, I did not plan, but gave myself to a creative explosion of emotion about such a great moment in all our lives. This moment brought  for the first time a heartfelt expression in Indian lyrics and composition that I never thought I was capable of and I just went with the flow of inspiration. Nothing beats finding yourself immersed in the moment and I feel very good about the end result, especially when people tell me that this is the ‘first’ song to pay such a rich tribute to our ISRO heroes.” 

Within days of its release, the song received praise from all quarters. “Mr K Radhakrishnan, who headed ISRO from 2009 to 2014, was the first to respond to her comment  on the YouTube video of the song ‘Great’ and that made my day,” she says, adding, “Now I is disappointed. I wait with bated breath for others, especially Mr. Somanath and his supervisors and team members, to give me suggestions about the song. It’s their song, their moment, I’m happy to express my admiration for all of them.” 

 For the I Pray singer, this song  helped launch him as an Indian singer after a successful journey with English songs. “It made me realise that the word ‘launch’, which we use so casually when doing something new, actually comes from these space technology experts! That’s why I  now launch something new in Hindi only when it’s really inspired. ISRO has set a high .barrier for all of us benchmark  and that goes for my music too.Meanwhile I enjoy people telling me  it’s an anthemic song to sing along with.I couldn’t ask for more.first song in Hindi and I’m Indian to contribute,” he concludes.

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