Mathura Train Accident : “Video call, carelessly placed bag” ,CCTV footage reveals reason for Mathura train accident 

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 Mathura Train Accident : Here’s the report on Mathura train accident. Read the article thoroughly to know what actually happened. A mistake made by a drunk driver when he put a bag on the gas led to the derailment of an EMU train which rammed into the platform at Mathura Junction. The video showed that the driver, identified as Sachin by railway officials, entered the engine cabin after the locomotive pilot left his seat and got out of the cab. Sachin placed his black backpack on the accelerator, then sat down and  distracted himself from his cell phone. The train started moving  a minute after she entered the cab, hit a jam, and half of it reached the platform.  

One person was injured in the Mathura Train incident and five railway employees, including a locomotive pilot and four technical staff, were arrested after  investigation. Speaking to news agency IANS, Mathura Railway Station Manager Sanjeev Srivastava told news agency IANS that the five people were drunk and were using their phones at work. 

The department’s railway director, Tej Prakash Agrawal, confirmed the suspension and said  a more detailed investigation was underway. In his statement in the joint inquiry report, Sachin said the train moved by itself. He said  he applied the emergency brake but  too late as the train had already reached the platform. 

He found that the accelerator was in the forward position and the key was also there. He quickly reported the incident to his manager. Sachin blamed the train driver for leaving the functions of the train  in the ‘on’ position. However, the locomotive pilot said in his statement  that he gave the key to Sachin before entering the cab.

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