“MTV Roadies karm ya kaand” : Gang leaders hold a strategy meeting with their members to win a new mission 

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MTV Roadies  Karm Ya Kaand : 

Karm Ya Kaand is gearing up for its Game On, where on the one hand it’s fun and the contestants are literally popping balloons, on the other it’s all about trickery and winning, as Gang Gautam, Gang Prince and Gang Rhea discuss. its members and decide what to do next.  

Rhea has a funny strategy where the contestants put on  their funny hats and  it is quite simple to entertain the crowd as much as possible, give 100 percent and enjoy what is happening, winning the love of the audience. 

Gang Prince follows a more commercial strategy, opting for a quantitative approach over qualitative, because sometimes quantity wins over quality. This simple business model focuses on targeting a rival competitor’s weaknesses while they are determined to win by encouraging each other. 

Gang Gautam  also does much  the same, albeit with a much more mathematical and calculated approach. Where Prince chose a quantitative approach, Gautam Gang chooses a purely directional approach with no room for any abstract imagery or judgement. 

Instead of focusing on each other’s weaknesses, they  focus on working as a team to enhance each other’s strengths in order to achieve  their given goals and go completely as planned. 

Each  member of the gang has their own strategies that determine their tactical thinking, planning ability  and intellectual prowess, which is  as important to becoming a Roadie as physical strength or endurance, especially if you want to enter the Hall of Fame. 

To watch these new strategic battles between gang members, viewers can tune into MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand on MTV and JioCinema.

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