Shah Rukh Khan : Shah Rukh Khan opens up about ‘Dunk’ and says it will be a ‘big road trip’ with a lot of comedy and drama. 

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Shah Rukh Khan : Shah Rukh Khan , who is currently riding high with his masterpiece Jawan, will next be seen in Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunk, which is said to be based on the theme of illegal Indian immigrants in the US/Canada.  

The actor recently revealed about the same and said that Dunki will be both a  comedy and a drama film, following the usual path of a Rajkumar Hirani film. He also added that it is a film based on the country. 

Speaking to Deadline at the recent film festival, the actor opened up about the film’s unique title, saying that in English it’s called “Donkey,” but the way  part of the country pronounces donkey in India (Punjab) is “dunki.” . He added that the film is  directed by one of the country’s brightest filmmakers, Rajkumar Hirani, and written by the great writer Abhijat Joshi.

He further said that it is a story about people who want to return home when they finally get the call. He added that it is a big travel film that travels to different parts of the world and finally returns home to India. 

Talking about Dunk, there is talk that both SRK and Rajkumar Hirani are in talks to delay the film. However, there is no delay in the shooting  or the VFX timeline and the film is set for a Christmas 2023 release, but the question is whether it makes sense to bring a third Shah Rukh Khan film in the same year. 

According to a report by, a close friend of Shah Rukh Khan mentioned that there is a high probability that Dunki will now move sometime early next year.  

The report added that after two 

blockbusters, a third film with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead this year does not make sense. Better wait  and give their fans time to check out the two hits. Pathaan is already available on OTT platforms and Jawan will release sometime in November, which means people will enjoy his magic till the end of the year. And if they  go ahead with the December release,  Shah Rukh won’t appear next year and the wait for his next will be even longer.  

It has only been seven days since the release of Jawan and in the next few months, the film will continue to release in various markets across the world, just like Pathaan. Pathaan recently opened in Japan and is doing well. 

So now time will tell whether SRK hits the  screen for the third time this year or not.

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