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Bhakra dam , Pong dam steps up, Punjab  on standby 

Bhakra Dam : Rainfall in HP watersheds can cause more problems  Punjab is on high alert as  water inflow into two dams - Pong dam and Bhakr dam has started increasing again, raising their water levels. As a result, more water...

Punjab flood : Can canalisation of rivers be a solution to the flooding Punjab is experiencing?

Punjab flood : In addition to local showers, when states like Himachal Pradesh experience precipitation, water drains down the rivers. Better control of the overflow from the main dams calls for more storage facilities so that water can be...
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Introducing: Your Mind is not in your control? : So you are Half Mad

In the insightful exploration of the mind's power, Samiulla Khan M delves deep into the core of human consciousness...
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