Umar Abdulla, Also Known As Umar Tyagi : The man who has been taking over the world of digital !

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At only 17 years, he has become a prominent name as a digital marketer, which has turned heads.

A lot has been spoken about people giving their best in their endeavors and trying to make their mark in their chosen industries; however, out of them, a few still stand apart for reasons more than one. Wonder why? Because they make sure to push boundaries and create a flourishing path and career for themselves, which ultimately leads them to their definition of success. The world of digital and social media has welcomed so many such talented beings so far and has given endless opportunities for growth to people.

Among them, one name that has been making a lot of noise in recent times is Umar Tyagi , who has been making sure to put his best foot forward as one of the youngest digital marketers in the field .It is even unreal to think of a guy who still, as a teenager, has made it huge in an industry known for fierce competition. To still make consistent efforts, work each passing day, and give it all to achieve a certain goal is no walk in the park, but Umar Tyagi has done that and how. Coming from Seohara, Bijnor, to making a strong presence of his as a digital marketer was no less than a dream for him, but he achieved it all, thriving on his resilience, hard work, and perseverance. Umar says that he felt that the digital space was something that was meant for him, something that could transform his life while helping him transform the careers and lives of others.

Hence, he dived deep into the same and now looks unstoppable. Umar Tyagi Runs Tyagi Media that has risen to the top as a cutting-edge digital marketing company with its incredible social media and digital marketing services, which has even earned him high-end clients, including entrepreneurs, and celebrities, etc .Umar Tyagi is definitely here to stay and disrupt the digital marketing game for the better.

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