Vikram Lander Isro : Exclusive!! Chandrayaan-3 lander that jumped to the moon was unplanned,  official said 

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Vikram Lander Isro : The Chandrayaan-3 mission exceeded its mission objectives when the Vikram lander made an unscheduled jump attempt on the Moon, project director P Veeramuthuvel said.

Chandrayaan-3 project director P Veeramuthuvel said that Vikram, the  lander that performed the jump test on the moon, was unplanned and exceeded its mission objectives.  

The Vikram lander, which made a historic landing on the lunar surface on August 23, was designed to study various aspects of the lunar environment. The lander and the Pragyan rover conducted various experiments for 14 Earth days (one date) before pitch darkness and cold weather invaded the lunar surface.  

Speaking to India Today TV, Veeramuthuvel said that the Vikram lander and the Pragyan driver provided a lot of information during the 14-day study and experiment on the lunar surface.  During the jump test, the lander fired its engines on command, rose about 40 centimeters as expected, and landed safely  30 to 40 centimetres from its original location at the Shiv Shakti point. 

The jump demonstrates the ability of  Chandrayaan-3 to take off from the lunar surface, which effectively means that a future mission could be developed that could return samples taken from the lunar surface to India. 

This successful maneuver is expected to open  new possibilities for the return of lunar samples and human missions to the Moon. 


Meanwhile,  the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) conducted several tests in the hope that lander Vikram  and rover Pragyan  could have survived the last lunar night cycle. But so far there has been no response from the lunar ambassadors. However, the lander and ATV achieved their goals and were hailed as successes. 

The arrival of a lunar night, a period of darkness lasting about 14 Earth days, signals the end of all  attempts to revive  Vikram and the rover Pragyan, even though its  mission ended a month ago. Sunlight began to recede at the Shiv Shakti point on September 30.  

The Chandrayaan-3 mission made history when it successfully landed near the  south polar region of the Moon on August 23. This made India the first country to achieve such a feat.

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