Will the Indian cricket team adopt bazball tactics?

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Ishan Kishan, who recently made his Test debut, praised Rohit Sharma for inspiring him and shielding him. 

Team India batsman Ishan Kishan confirmed that England’s “Bazball” style of batting can only be used on flat surfaces and is not required in every test match. 

 On the fifth day of the second Test match after rain, he told  reporters, “You can’t play that fast every day, that also depends on the situation. 

Now if you start comparing the Indian team’s strike rate with England it’s pretty unfair if you look at the pitches that they use. They generally prepare fast tracks and if you look at the Indian pitches it’s damn slow as compared to the English ones so it’s pretty difficult to score on Indian pitches than the English ones as balls comes nicely onto the bat in english pitches and it just get hold a bit in India so short making is much more difficult. Although I don’t think it’s important for us to play aggressively in every game, we have enough weapons if we need to play attacking cricket. In Test cricket, I don’t think you can always play attacking,” he continued.  

 Ishan Kishan has performed commendably on the stumps and adds some much needed batting aggression. The left-hander could permanently replace KS Bharati Pant as a backup option.  “I think as a young player who was only playing  his second Test, I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity. When I was called  to bat in the second innings, I intended to face the left-arm spinner. I batted with good intentions. Because we had a good lead, we did not want to bat for long,” said Kishan, who made an unbeaten thanks-in accident 542 and was just  a big accident. Lier, rumours are rife in  town that Rishabh is in the WC optional free. While waiting for his chance in Test cricket, he said, “I think every person is different. For some it can be frustrating but for some it is a challenge. Maybe I didn’t do well and that’s why I didn’t get the chance.  He added that he takes it one piece at a time and expects to do the same without thinking about the results because the selection is not  well in hand, but going the game is not well in hand.

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