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Medha Sarin

A lawyer turned influencer. Author of two successful novels Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity, and Connecting Dots.

She successfully runs Anti Depression Squad Community and trained more than 1000 people.

A successful women Entrepreneur.

1. India’s recognized top 12 Spiritual Authors.

2. Certified Spiritual Coach.

3. Certified Life Coach.

4. Certified Busniess Coach.

5. Corporate Lawyer.

6. A successful Entrepreneur and founder of Solutionem Consequendam Private Limited.

7. Runs Anti Depression Squah Community and trained more than 1000 people.

8. Author of successful novel “Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity”.

9. Out of successful novel “Connecting Dots”.

10. Miss Tricity 2019.

11. Miss Diva 2017.

12. Miss Legal Aid 2022.

13. Co-Author in many books.

14. Tricity’s First Spritual Author.

15. Largest blood donation camp in Punjab.

16. Successfully opened a school in the Slum Area of Chandigarh with the government’s help.

17. Chattered Rotaract Club of Samaritan in Chandigarh.

18. Successfully done Samuhik Vivah under Legel Aid Services.

19. Adorable personality 2019.

20. Legal Aid’s Super Women 2017-2020.

She is reachable through Instagram –


Email – sarinmedha6@gmail.com

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