Petrol Diesel Prices: Understanding the Recent Changes and Current Rates

Introduction Petrol and diesel prices in India have been subject to fluctuations in recent times. The prices vary from state...
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Kulhad Pizza : Ludhiana’s Kulhad Pizza couple explain leaked video: ‘We were blackmailed’ 

Kulhad Pizza :  Recently, a lewd video allegedly featuring Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur went viral on social media. To clear the air, Sehaj...



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Chandrayaan-3 Landing: What Happens in the Last 17 Minutes of Chandrayaan-3’s Moon Landing? understand the process 

Chandrayaan-3 landing : The minimum time  taken to descend and decelerate from a height of about 30 km during the entire process is 17 minutes 21 seconds. If the lander had slid down slightly, the maximum time would...

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