Honda Elevate VX : An in-depth introduction to the Honda Elevate VX variant  

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Honda Elevate VX :  After a long wait on the sidelines, Japanese automotive giant Honda Cars India has finally launched its mid-size SUV Elevate in India. The company will launch this SUV on  4th September and  all  variants of  Honda Elevate have reached the dealerships recently. Recently, a video of the  second top version of Honda Elevate, VX, was shared online. The video shows an in-depth introduction to the Honda Elevate mid-size SUV. 

The auto show has shared a video of the second-top VX version of the Honda Elevate mid-size SUV on its YouTube  channel. It starts  with the host mentioning that the Honda Elevate will be offered in SV, V, VX and ZX variants in the country. He then adds that the cars have started arriving at dealers and  videos of the base SV and second base V versions will be shared this coming season. The presenter adds that the car will be officially launched on September 4; the price will be revealed on the same day. 

After this introduction, the presenter will be the first to open the hood of the version Honda Elevate VX  finished in silver colour. He then notes that the Honda Elevate is only available with a single 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. This engine produces a maximum of 125 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque. He  adds that currently Honda does not have other engine options such as turbo or hybrid. However, he adds that it is quite a powerful  engine and offers excellent fuel efficiency.  

Moving on, the presenter  closes the hood of the car and begins with the exterior  of the vehicle. He mentions that the car will get the same front design as the range-topping ZX. However, the only differences at the front are the matte black grille inserts. These interiors are gloss black on the ZX version. He adds that the VX version also lacks ADAS features and lacks Honda Sensing System cameras.

He then shows the side profile of the car and mentions that even here  it looks quite similar to the ZX version. The only major difference is that the door mouldings on this variant are matte black, while the ZX version has body colour. The presenter also shows the camera on the left side mirror  and mentions that it will also get the same sunroof as the ZX version for the roof. It also gets  roof rails,  the host adds. Next, he points to the rear  of the vehicle and states that  it looks exactly like the ZX version from the rear. It has an Elevate badge on the left side and an I-VTEC badge on the right. In addition, it also has four rear parking sensors and a reverse camera. 

Finally, he also shows off the rear window wiper and defogger. The host then takes a seat inside the VX version of the Honda Elevate  and begins to mention the differences between the two top-of-the-line variants. To begin with, he mentions that the VX does not have a leather  interior; instead, it gets a fabric upholstery. He mentions that the dashboard and  door panels are also  not leather, but hard plastic. 

He then points to the steering wheel of the SUV and adds that the ADAS controls  are also missing. Later, he mentions that it will get a smaller touchscreen infotainment screen in the middle. He adds that the rest of the interior  is the same as the top spec ZX.

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