Jhansi-Kanpur Highway Witnessed a 9-Hour Long Traffic Jam: A Tragic Incident That Cost Lives

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In Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, a tragic incident unfolded on the Jhansi-Kanpur Highway, resulting in a 9-hour long traffic jam that had devastating consequences. The incident involved the overturning of a tanker filled with petroleum products, which forced the closure of the national highway for safety reasons. This article delves into the details of the incident, shedding light on the events that led to the jam and the unfortunate loss of life that occurred as a result.

The Overturning of the Tanker: A Catastrophic Event

On a Sunday morning in Jhansi, a tanker carrying petroleum products from Kanpur to Jhansi overturned, causing immediate chaos and disruption. To ensure the safety of the traffic on the national highway, it was imperative to close the highway temporarily. The Petroleum Department took charge of the situation, initiating efforts to straighten the overturned tanker on the overbridge near the Paraichha Power Plant.

The Traffic Jam: A Nightmare for Commuters

As the authorities worked tirelessly to rectify the situation, the Jhansi-Kanpur National Highway became congested with vehicles, leading to a massive traffic jam that stretched for several kilometers. Thousands of commuters found themselves trapped in the gridlock, unable to move for hours on end. The traffic jam even ensnared ambulances, one of which was transporting an elderly patient experiencing severe abdominal pain from Urai to Jhansi Medical College.

Tragic Consequences: Loss of Life

The prolonged traffic jam had severe consequences, with the most heartbreaking being the loss of a newborn and the endangerment of the lives of eight patients. Among the trapped ambulances was one carrying a child who tragically succumbed to the agony of the jam, passing away before reaching the hospital. The situation worsened as the elderly patient in another ambulance experienced a significant deterioration in their condition, causing chaos and panic among their relatives.

Tireless Efforts of the Police

The police personnel worked diligently throughout the night to clear the jam and restore normalcy on the highway. Their dedication and commitment were evident as they braved the challenging circumstances to ensure the safety and well-being of the stranded commuters. Despite the tragic outcome, their efforts were vital in resolving the situation and preventing further harm.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What caused the 9-hour long traffic jam on the Jhansi-Kanpur Highway?\
A: The traffic jam was caused by the overturning of a tanker filled with petroleum products traveling from Kanpur to Jhansi.

Q: How long did the traffic jam last?\
A: The traffic jam on the Jhansi-Kanpur Highway lasted for a grueling 9 hours, causing significant inconvenience to commuters.

Q: What measures were taken to ensure the safety of the traffic on the national highway?\
A: The national highway had to be temporarily closed to ensure the safety of the traffic following the overturning of the tanker. The Petroleum Department took charge of straightening the tanker and resolving the situation.

Q: How were the lives of eight patients endangered?\
A: Due to the prolonged traffic jam, eight patients faced critical delays in reaching medical facilities. Tragically, a newborn lost their life, and the condition of an elderly patient deteriorated significantly during the ordeal.

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