RDX : RDX OTT release date: Critically acclaimed Malayalam film ‘Robert Dony Xavier’ to stream online this week 

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 RDX : Highlights 

 • RDX (Robert Dony Xavier) starring Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese and others. 

 •Film made above Rs. 80 crores at  box office worldwide. 

 • The public can watch RDX on Netflix on September 24, 2023. 

The popular Malayalam film RDX, which received critical acclaim and also created history at the box office, got a successful theatrical release. After a long wait, the film is now streaming online on the OTT platform. Below are the details. 

RDX OTT Release Date 

Audiences can watch RDX (Robert Dony Xavier) on Netflix on September 24, 2023. Several media outlets have shared the same information on social media.  

RDX Star Cast 

The Malayalam film RDX (Robert Dony Xavier) is directed by Nahas Hidayath and written by Adarsh ​​​​​​​​​​​Sukumara with dialogues by Shabas Rasheed. The story is written by Nahas Hidayath and produced by Sophia Paul  under Weekend Blockbusters banner. RDX stars popular names like Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese and Neeraj Madhav. The film is directed by Alex J. Pulickal, edited by Chaman Chakko  and music composed by Sam C.S. The story of RDX  

RDX: Have a look at the story

Robert Dony Xavier revolves around the close friendship of three people. Under Xavier’s father, they receive martial arts training, but often get into fights, causing pain to their families. A problem escalates when Roberto clashes with Jaison, a member of a local gang, causing a brutal fight that leaves Jaison injured. In retaliation, the gang targets the families of Roberto and Dony, prompting the trio to unite and seek revenge against the gang. When they confront the gang, Xavier joins them to protect his friends from an even bigger criminal organization. Offering an impressive blend of action, drama and humor, this film delves into  themes of friendship, family ties and the quest for justice while celebrating Malayalam culture and folklore. 

RDX review, box office collection and IMDb rating : 

RDX is hailed by critics as a fun, action-packed film with great performances from the lead actors. Well-choreographed action sequences and a perfect blend of humor and emotion make this a must-watch for action movie fans. Reviewers pointed out that while it excels at creating exciting action, the plot is somewhat predictable and some of the characters are underdeveloped. Overall, the film was praised for its strong performances and stylish action sequences, making it an enjoyable cinematic experience for critics and audiences alike. Meanwhile, the film was a notable commercial success, crossing Rs. 80 crore in global revenue, with Kerala contributing more than Rs. 50 kroner to your cash collection. Impressively, the film crossed  Rs. 50 lakh within just nine days of its release, making it one of the fastest grossing films in Malayalam cinema history.  IMDb users rated the film  7.9/10.

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