Aditya L1 : Update Isro plans to lift India’s first solar mission into orbit 

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Aditya L1 : The Isro Aditya-L1 mission is the first of its kind in India to study the Sun and its impact on Earth’s environment. 

 In short 

• The spacecraft is placed in a halo orbit 

• The Aditya-L1 mission carries seven payloads 

• Isro engineers are working to raise the spacecraft’s perigee 

India’s ambitious isro Aditya-L1 mission completes its fourth orbital lift maneuver as it continues its journey beyond the planet. It’s main aim is to get some picture and some data so that scientists can elaborate the hidden mystery behind the sun.

The fourth Earthbound maneuver will be performed on September 15 at 02:00  IST.  This crucial step brings the spacecraft closer to its final destination – Lagrange Point 1 (L1).  

The spacecraft will be placed in a halo orbit around point L1  of the Sun-Earth system, about 1.5 million kilometres from Earth. This unique vantage point allows  continuous observation of the sun without eclipse or obstruction. 

The upcoming fourth orbital lift will play a key role in the mission. Skillfully using Earth’s gravitational pull, Isro’s engineers aim to lift the spacecraft to its perigee, the closest point of its orbit  to Earth. 

This operation follows the successful completion of the third orbital operation  on September 10. 

The point L1, discovered by the mathematician Joseph Louis Lagrange, is considered the most important of the  points of Lagrange according to solar observations.  A satellite placed in a halo orbit around  L1  can continuously monitor the sun and produce valuable real-time information about solar activity and its impact on space weather. 

The Aditya-L1 mission carries seven payloads designed to study and observe the various layers of the sun using electromagnetic, particle and magnetic field detectors. These instruments  provide crucial information for understanding the physics of the solar corona, its heating mechanism, and the dynamics of space weather.

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