Can there be a coup in Russia with the Wagner Army rebellion? The next 24 hours are crucial for Putin.

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In recent days, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been confronted with a grave challenge to his power in the form of the rebellion by the Wagner Group. The Western media has emphasized the significance of the next two days for Russia, as the Wagner Group claims to have captured two cities and is advancing towards Moscow. The threat to the capital has prompted Putin to order strict military action against the rebels. This article delves into the implications of the Wagner Army rebellion, its impact on Moscow and Ukraine, the historical context of rebellions in Russia, and the ongoing dynamics between Putin and the Wagner Group.

The Threat to Moscow and Putin’s Response

The rebellion of the Wagner Group poses a major challenge to President Putin’s rule. The Western media has underscored the critical nature of the next 24 hours, as the Wagner rebels make bold claims about capturing cities and approaching Moscow. This has forced Putin to take immediate and decisive action by ordering the Russian military to confront the rebels. The danger to Moscow looms large, and the outcome of this rebellion will have far-reaching consequences for the country.

Preceding Incidents within the Russian Military

Even before the conflict in Ukraine, incidents within the Russian military had been reported. Criticism of Putin within his own country was present, but the severity of his power led to the disappearance of his critics under suspicious circumstances. The rebellion of the Wagner Army now presents the fifth-largest army in the world with an internal challenge. If not handled promptly, this internal battle could potentially contribute to Moscow’s downfall.

Open Challenges to Putin’s Power

The Wagner Group’s chief, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has been openly challenging Putin since the beginning. While their initial disobedience in Ukraine was seen as a show of force, the Wagner Group has now directly confronted Putin’s authority. This rebellion has forced Putin to acknowledge that his main military base in Rostov-on-Don is beyond his control, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

The Airstrike on the Wagner Camp

Media reports indicate that the Wagner Group has been involved in rebellion activities for a considerable amount of time. The impact of their rebellion is now becoming more evident, as the rebels appear more defiant and aggressive following an airstrike on their camp in the jungle. However, the Russian Ministry of Defense has dismissed these developments as irrelevant.

Relief for Ukraine Amid the Rebellion

The recent developments in Russia have brought some relief to Ukraine. If the rebellion continues, it could potentially change the course of the war in Kiev’s favor. However, it is important to note that rebellions, whether in Russia or elsewhere, rarely achieve the desired outcomes they aim for. History has shown that events like the removal of Tsar Nicholas II in 1917 led to the Bolshevik revolution, Lenin, and the establishment of the Soviet Empire.


Q: What is the Wagner Army rebellion?

The Wagner Army rebellion refers to the uprising by the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization, against the authority of President Vladimir Putin. The group has claimed to capture cities and is advancing towards Moscow, posing a significant threat to Putin’s power.

Q: How has Putin responded to the rebellion?

In response to the rebellion, Putin has ordered strict military action against the Wagner rebels. He has recognized the severity of the threat to Moscow and aims to suppress the rebellion to protect his rule.

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