Mumbai kandivali fire : The family was visited by the sister of a former IPL cricketer whose child died in the Mumbai fire. 

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Mumbai kandivali fire : A woman from Scotland on a family visit to Mumbai and her minor son died in a fire that broke out in a residential building in Kandivali on Monday. Read the report to know about mumbai kandivali fire. 

The two have been identified as Glory Valthaty, 45, and her son Joshua Gems Robert, 8. Glory is the sister of former cricketer Paul Valthaty, who played for Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals in the IPL. According to the authorities, three people suffered burns in the fire. 

Glory, who lived  with her family in Scotland, was visiting their ailing parents at the eight-storey Veena Santoor housing society in Kandivali when the fire broke out.  Mumbai Fire Brigade Director General Ravinda Ambulgekar said initial information indicated that a fire engine that caught fire in a first-floor apartment in the  F wing of the building around noon caused the fire. 

 Diya burned in the apartment, which seems to be the source of the fire. The fire started in the flat and spread to the electrical wire of the pipeline leading to the fire, Ambulgekar said. 

According to the authorities, the building did not have a working fire extinguishing system. 

– The smoke from the fire rose up to the sixth floor, when the furniture and other objects of the apartment caught fire on the first floor. Soon the flame  spread to the upper floor and the occupants were trapped,” said the official 

The Valhaty family lived on the fourth floor of the F wing. 

A family member said Glory was visiting  her sick parents, who are both  bedridden. The whole family was inside the apartment when the fire started. 

Paul rushed down with his wife, children and Glory’s older daughter. However, Glory and her son and their two domestic helpers are believed to have become trapped in the stairwell during their escape attempt. “Glory’s husband Noel Robert was inside the flat with his sick parents. He asked his wife and son to run out  with the housekeepers. Ideally, they should have gone up the stairs to  the terrace. But we don’t know why they went down.” said relative Gladstone Behra. . 

Two helpers – Rajeshwari Adhe (24) and Laxmi Bura (40)  sustained severe burns and were taken to  Shatabdi Hospital. Rajeshwari suffered 80-90 percent burns and Laxmi  50-60 percent, the hospital doctor said. 

Hailing from Yavatmal, Rajeshwari has been working with the family since June. “She was posted here as a trained patient nurse through our Yavatmal agency,” said Praveen Mudhe, Rajeshwar’s brother-in-law.  

Laxmi, who started working in the house only 10 days ago, hails from Karnataka’s Yadgiri district. 

A 75-year-old resident of the house, Ranjan Shah, who lived on the third floor, was also injured in the fire. He suffered 45-50 percent burns. 

Authorities said it took about four hours to bring the Mumbai kandivali fire under control. 

The secretary of the society Nielsh Desai, who was among the first rescuers, blamed the encroachment of the land adjacent to their residence to prevent the fire brigade. “It is basically blocked another entrance to our society. It caused restrictions on the movement of  fire engines,” he said.

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