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Hey, are you looking to make a Carter in Fashion designing? If yes, surely this article is for you. I will explain to you how you can make your career in fashion designing. How can you be a part of the Fashion Industry? “Fashion Illustration” now that many of you did not know what fashion illustration is and how one can be a fashion Illustrator. If you want to know the answer to all the questions then come let’s “Surely this article is for you. So,come explore the topic Fashion Illustration. 

I Know the first question is what is fashion Illustration So, fashion Illustration is nothing, it is just an art which is used by fashion Illustrator to communicate their ideas in a visual form through Illustration: Sketch; painting . Now many of you are thinking that so what’s the benefit of this? Let me tell you . It just help the second person other than fashion illustrator to visualise the whole concept which is in the brain of fashion illustrator before sewing and annual clothing now what that does it just simplifies the work of whole fashion industry if fashion illustrator is not there than who gonna be the one who is going to illustrator the whole idea of that particular dress to someone’s mind because in this busy world no one has the time to listen someone for a whole day and that just for a piece of cloth so this art i.e fashion illustration is the medium through which one can easily explain his thought to the other person. 


What’s the process of fashion illustration 

Designer’s use various modes to portray their thoughts through marker, pastel and ink colours . Nowadays in this digital world even illustrators used to illustrate their designs via means of Adobe Photoshop. To start their illustration artist first make a sketch figure known as croquis and then they portray their whole thought on that croquis . 

How to become a Fashion Illustrator 

 Like any other art form if you want to become a fashion illustrator first you need is to get knowledge about fashion industry because the depth and diversity of this industry is just like an ocean study as much as you can from Google, YouTube follow famous illustrators study their work now you need some basic skills to become an illustrator i.e basic interest in drawing and a mammoth amount of interest and knowledge of fashion to get this you can get a diploma or degree from any recognized university than as we all know nowadays social media gives everyone the best platform to showcase his/her talent to the vast audience after completing your degree or diploma you can showcase your skills on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and make sure that you make a portfolio including your best works now you can search for vacancy around you and yes that’s how you can grow and earn as a fashion illustrator. 

Some Famous Fashion Illustrator

•R.K Laxman 

•Aaron Pinto 

•Aayna Vinaya 

•Abhishek Singh 

•Aditya Chari 

•Sudeepti Tucker

•Sanyam Jain 

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