Google Pixel Android 14 : It is rumoured that Google will release Android 14 on the same day as Pixel 8  

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Google Pixel Android 14 : Google Pixel Android 14 has been in  beta  for several months now, and Google initially led us to believe that the final, stable release would arrive sometime in August, just like Android 13 last year. No, because some  betas were included in the release period, when almost everyone in the tech world expected the stable version to arrive in September.  

Well, about that. Yesterday was Labor Day in the US, which means that Google’s software update should have rolled out today (they’re usually released on the first Monday of every month, unless it’s a US holiday like yesterday, when they’re delayed  the next day). But it might not be Android 14. Now it is rumoured that Google has pushed the stable release to October at the  last minute.  

As you can see, it’s said to be coming on October 4th, which happens to be the date of Google’s next big hardware announcement, when  the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2 are expected to be fully revealed. creating a rather unprecedented situation – new Google releases  usually appear at least a month, if not two, before new hardware. 

It’s not entirely clear why this delay happened, but things haven’t been going well in the world of Android 14  for a few weeks  – we suspected something was up when Google hurriedly released a no-before. 

Previously, the Fifth Beta was not expected. It now appears that whatever the underlying problem is, it has yet to be fully addressed (or fixed). Apparently, even Google’s phone manufacturer partners thought the release would come today, which is why some of them – in this case OnePlus  – even announced their stable versions of Android 14  coming later this month. We are not sure what will happen to that promise now. 

Of course, this is all a rumour and Google still has time to prove it wrong by releasing Android 14 before October 4th. Let’s see what happens.

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