Neeraj Chopra : Neeraj Chopra among 11 candidates for 2023 male athlete 

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Neeraj Chopra : India’s golden boy Neeraj Chopra is nominated for  Male Sportsman of the Year. The javelin star has just clinched a gold medal at the 2023 Asian Games. The 25-year-old has had an outstanding year and won a World Cup medal this season for the first time as well. Neeraj’s list of achievements over the past few years is impressive and each accolade symbolises his dedication and excellence. 

Neeraj Chopra : Tokyo Olympic gold medalist 

Neeraj’s success peaked at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where he created history by winning the gold medal in javelin. With a throw of 87.58 metres, he not only secured India’s first Olympic gold in athletics in over a century, but also established himself as a global sensation. His performance in Tokyo was a testament to his unparalleled ability, composure under pressure and unwavering focus. 

Neeraj Chopra : World champion 

Neeraj’s success did not stop at the Olympics. The following year, he further cemented his status as one of the  best javelin throwers in the world by winning  silver at the World Athletics Championships. In 2023, he changed the colour of the medal  to gold. Competing against some of the most talented athletes on the planet, he displayed remarkable consistency and skill, further cementing his place in the annals of sports history.  

Neeraj Chopra :Asian Games medal 

Neeraj’s excellence is not limited to the Olympics and World Championships. At the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, he won the gold medal with a throw of 88.06m, announcing his arrival on the international stage. His victory at the Asian Games  was a turning point in his career and hinted at the greatness that lay ahead. He repeated his feats with a gold medal at the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games. Diamond League Cup 

Neeraj’s remarkable journey is not only defined by victories at the biggest stages. He continuously demonstrated his skills by performing at famous athletic events such as the Diamond League. Winning the Diamond League title is a tough task but Neeraj was able to achieve this milestone which highlights his dominance and versatility in javelin. 

Being named Sportsman of the Year by Neeraj Chopra is not only a recognition of his extraordinary achievements but also a tribute to his relentless determination, relentless hard work and insatiable hunger for excellence. His gold at the Tokyo Olympics, victory at the World Championships, victories at the Asian Games  and success in the Diamond League  are testaments to his consistency and ability to perform under immense pressure.  As Neeraj Chopra continues to be a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes, his journey is a testament to the potential of Indian sports globally. Neeraj  not only brought glory to the nation but  also showed that the impossible can be achieved with relentless dedication and determination. His nomination for Male Athlete of the Year is well deserved and  a recognition of his extraordinary journey in the world of sport.

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