Tiger 3 : Tiger 3′ Director, Do you want to shoot a tiger, as I saw him as a movie buff 

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Tiger 3 : Director Maneesh Sharma says he wanted to portray superstar Salman Khan’s Tiger character as if he had seen him as a larger-than-life movie buffoon. 

The director said, “Over the past decade, Tiger has become perhaps the most iconic character in Bollywood. And  the opportunity to take him and take his story forward came with  inexplicable excitement.” 

Maneesh added, “I want to portray Tiger as I saw him as a movie buff – larger than life, dominating you with his star power. I’m excited  to add a deeper layer to his journey.” 

In Tiger Ka Message, it was revealed that Salman, who plays Tiger, is in danger after he was introduced as India’s enemy number 1. 

Maneesh said, “This time it’s not just about saving India, it’s about defending yourself and your family. And for a man,  Tiger, it’s your core—the area where everyone (even Tiger!) feels vulnerable.” 

And he does it with a vengeance. India’s first agent is India’s first enemy this time and I think people will have fun watching this  action entertainer! 

He added, “Adding that layer of weight and emotion to Tiger’s journey is Salman’s nuanced performance. He brings a unique blend of power and emotion that only superstar Salman can give to Tiger, and I think his fans and  fans of the show will love him. even more!” 

Maneesh said  he was happy to see how the dialogue ‘Jab Tak Tiger Mara Nahin, Tab Tak Tiger Haara Nahi’ went viral on social media. 

“The video is conceptualised and written by Aditya Chopra and this dialogue is also his master! This is a perfect big screen paisa vasool  dialogue that creates hysteria when Salman says it on screen! 

Aditya Chopra is building YRF’s spy universe brick by brick and ‘Tiger 3’ with Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif is the next big one in this series. This is the fifth film in YRF’s spy universe.

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