Axar Patel Injury : Axar Patel Instagram Story Controversy: True or Fake?  

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Axar Patel Injury : As the cricket world eagerly awaits the 2023 ODI World Cup, the Indian cricket team finds itself in the midst of an unexpected last-minute squad change. On September 28 (Friday), experienced off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin replaced the injured Axar Patel in the lineup. This change raised eyebrows and led to an exciting development on social media. 

Axar Patel Injury : Crypto Instagram stories 

The buzz about Axar Patel’s removal from the World Cup squad started when a mysterious Instagram story appeared on his account. In the first story, Axar expressed regret and suggested that he should have pursued a career in science instead of business and invested in better PR. The story read: “Should have taken science instead of business and hired  better PR.” In a later story, he shared an animated image of a skeleton cutting out a heart with scissors. However, both songs mysteriously disappeared soon after their release, leaving fans confused. 

Axar Patel Injury :Screenshots of the axar patel 

Like all social media posts by a high-profile athlete, Axar Patel’s Instagram stories  went viral, sparking widespread speculation and debate. Fans, media and cricket enthusiasts around the world shared and discussed the cryptic messages. It seemed that Patel was palpable. 

Axar Patel Injury :Explanation by Axar Patel 

After this social media storm, Axar Patel decided to set the record straight. He released a statement from a trusted reporter in a reputable news site claiming that the screenshots circulating online are in fact fake. With this clarification, Patel ended the speculation about the social media activity and confirmed his commitment to the team. 

Axar Patel Injury : Injury problems and the Squad Mixer 

Axar Patel’s journey to the World Cup has been marred by injuries. It all started in the Asia Cup Super Four match against Bangladesh where he picked up an injury that forced him out of the final in Sri Lanka. As a result, he was called in to replace Washington Sundar. Patel’s fitness remained a question mark when he was initially included in the squad for the first two ODIs against Australia, but was later ruled unfit for the third ODI, leaving him out of the World Cup side. 

Axar Patel Injury : Remarkable comeback from Ashwin 

Ravichandran Ashwin, who was out of the ODI format for over 20 months, made a memorable comeback during the series in Australia. Although he faced criticism after the first ODI, Ashwin silenced his opponents with an outstanding performance in the next game, finishing with  3/41 in his 10 overs. His return to form later earned him a place in the World Cup squad, filling the void left by Axar Patel’s unfortunate injury. 

With India targeting the 2023 ODI World Cup, the team dynamic continues to evolve. The controversy surrounding Axar Patel’s Instagram stories has ended and the team is focusing on the challenges  ahead. With experienced players like Ashwin joining the ranks, Indian fans are hoping that this World Cup will mark the end of their ten-year ICC trophy drought.

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