Isro Aditya L1 Mission: Aditya L1 Shares a selfie from space and captures an amazing shot of the Earth and the Moon 

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Isro Aditya L1 Mission : Aditya L1  captured the Earth and the Moon as it continued its journey past the planet to Lagrange Point 1. 

In short 

• A spacecraft explores the sun . 

• It was launched on 2nd September from the Sriharikota launch pad . 

• It aims to deepen our understanding of solar flare events. 

India’s Aditya-L1 spacecraft  captured stunning images of the Earth and the Moon from space as it orbits the planet before heading to its destination Lagrange Point 1. It also shared a selfie. 

The spacecraft tasked with studying the Sun is currently on its way to the Sun-Earth point L1, a unique place in space where the gravitational forces of the Sun and the Earth are balanced. WATCH ADITYA’s L1 selfie in space 

Isro Aditya-L1 mission was launched on September 2 from the Sriharikota launch pad in Andhra Pradesh. This is India’s first solar observatory mission. The spacecraft has completed two manoeuvres to Earth as it leaves the planet forever in the coming days for its new home nearly 15,00,000 kilometres away.  

The spacecraft is equipped with seven payloads that are intended to study the sun’s photosphere, chromosphere, and corona, among other features. It  also measures the change in magnetic field strength around the halo orbit of L1.  

The Isro Aditya-L1 mission aims to deepen our understanding of solar flare events and their impact on space weather.In a halo orbit around Lagrange point 1 (L1), which is situated roughly 1.5 million kilometres from Earth to the Sun, the spacecraft will be positioned. 

That strategic location allows the spacecraft to  observe the Sun continuously without  eclipses or eclipses, providing real-time information on solar activity. 

The Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC),  Aditya L1’s main payload, is expected to transmit 1,440 images per day to the ground station for analysis once it reaches its intended orbit.  These images  provide valuable information about the properties of the Sun and help to understand solar astrophysics. 

Recently, Aditya-L1’s images of the Earth and the Moon  have created excitement among scientists and space enthusiasts. As the spacecraft continues its journey  to L1, more exciting images and valuable information are expected from it, marking a new chapter in the history of Indian space exploration.

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