Virat Kohli is taking social media by storm by revealing his new yo-yo score ahead of the Asia Cup 

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Widely regarded as one of the fittest cricketers, Virat kohli took your yo-yo fitness on Thursday and nailed it. 

At 34, Virat Kohli shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, he’s willing to push the limits and challenge himself every day. Widely regarded as one of the fittest cricketers, Virat Kohli took your yo-yo fitness on Thursday and nailed it. A shirtless Kohli flashed on Instagram and announced his latest yo-yo score of 17.2. “Very lucky to finish the juju trial between the dreaded cones,” Kohli said.

YoYo’s score of 17.2 is  by no means groundbreaking. In fact, Kohli himself scored 19 when the yo-yo test was made mandatory  for the Indian men’s cricket team under Kohli’s captaincy. But considering the fact that the over rate in Indian cricket is 16, Kohli is still over the mark. 

Nowadays, passing the yo-to test is not mandatory to play for India, but Kohli, who always strives for that little extra, passed it anyway. 

What is the test yo-yo?

In the yo-yo test, two sets of cones are placed 20 metres apart. When the beep sounds, the athlete must reach the marker on the other side by the time the next beep sounds. After that, he must turn around and rush back to mark  where he started running. The frequency of the beeps increases with each round – and the player is considered to have passed the test when they have finished running to the cone and back. There is a pause of about seven seconds between each trip. 

The test begins with the player starting to jog at  speed  5, which consists of one shuttle. Then, the next speed level, which is 9, also consists of one shuttle. The next speed level is 11 and  has two shuttles, while level 12 has three and level 13 has four. Each level has eight shuttles out of 14.

 Different teams have different standards in the yo-yo test. Currently, India have set a qualifying pace of 16:1, which means  their players have to complete the first shuttle at 16, which is a distance of 1,120 metres.  

Meanwhile, according to news agency PTI, the World Cup  will undergo a fitness and health check-up at Alur in Bengaluru ahead of the tournament. Monitored parameters  include lipid profile, blood glucose (fasting and PP), uric acid, calcium, vitamins B12 and D, creatinine and testosterone.

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