World Chess Championship : Praggnanandha’s World Championship dream shattered, world’s top player loses to Carlsen 

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World Chess Championship : Ramesh Babu Praggnanandhaa of India defeated Magnus Carlsen of Norway in the final match of the World Chess Championship.

 The first two meetings between the  players ended in a draw and the world no. 1 Carlsen won the draw. 

 India’s Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa lost to world number one Magnus Carlsen of Norway in the final of the Chess World Cup. With that loss, Praggnanandha’s dream of becoming a world champion was shattered. Praggnanandha had to accept defeat in the first match of the devotion. Therefore, it was difficult for him to return. Carlsen tied the next set and won the match. Both  matches between the  players ended in a draw in the classic format. In such a situation, this match reached a draw, and here with the victory, Magnus Carlsen won the honour of becoming the world champion. American Fabiano Caruana  finished third and Azerbaijani Nizat Abbasov  finished fourth.  

 Praggnanandhaa lost the first game in a draw with  white pieces  on the third day of the final match. This made his defeat  almost certain, because the next game against Carlsen was extremely difficult for him to win  with the black pieces. That’s how it happened in the end. Carlsen played very defensively with the white pieces and kept building castles and took time from the start. The game eventually ended in a draw and the match was won by Carlsen who won the first  match. 

 World Chess Championship : What happened in the classic matches? 

The first match of the classic format was played between Rameshbabu Praggnanandha and Magnus Carlsen in the WC final on Tuesday. 

Praggnanandhaa played with  white  and Carlsen  with black. Both  players played this match  very evenly. Carlsen later tried to win the match with the black pieces, but Praggnanandhaa made a great defensive play and was able to save the match. After 35 moves, the two players shook hands and the match ended in a draw. 

Another classic format match  was held on Wednesday. In this match, Carlsen played the white pieces and Praggnanandha played the black pieces. In this match too both  players seemed calm and  from the start it looked like the match would be a tie and it was. Both  players played 30 moves in the hour-long match, but the match ended in a draw and later both decided to play to a draw. In that match, Carlsen was ahead in  time at the beginning, but could not take advantage of it and then started falling behind in time itself. 

 After reaching the final, Praggnananda became the third  player after veterans Bobby Fischer and Carlsen to qualify for the Candidates Tournament.

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