“Ye Modi Ki Guarantee Hai” PM Modi Guarantee India For His 3rd Term:

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India would be one of the top three economies in the world during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s third term, he promised on Wednesday. When the NDA comes to power in 2024, PM Modi said he wants to reassure the nation’s citizens that development will proceed at a much faster rate. The news broke when PM Modi opened the Bharat Mandapam IECC Complex in Pragati Maidan on Wednesday. 

In highlighting some of his administration’s successes, PM Modi said that 13.5 crore people had been lifted out of poverty in the previous five years. International organisations claim that India’s terrible poverty is about to come to an end. This demonstrates that the choices and policies implemented over the previous nine years have been successful in moving the nation in the right path, according to PM Modi.

Pointing the opposition :

PM Modi poked fun at the opposition while speaking to the gathering at the recently opened IECC Complex in Pragati Maidan, saying that some people have a propensity to criticise and put an end to good deeds.

Some people have a propensity to criticise and undermine excellent deeds. Many stories that were breaking news were published on newspaper front pages as “Kartavya Path” was being constructed. Although it was argued in court as well, the same individuals praised it when it was built. The ‘Toli’ will undoubtedly accept the ‘Bharat Mandapam,’ and it’s also possible that they could visit us to give a lecture at a seminar, according to PM Modi.

PM Modi paid honour to the Kargil war heroes and mentioned Kargil Vijay Diwas 2023 during his speech. “It is a historic day because it is Kargil Vijay Diwas”. Our valiant boys defeated the nation’s foes.

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